5 Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Your Engagement Session


As a pet parent of two, I understand that dogs aren’t just pets- they’re part of the family! That’s why whenever a couple asks if they can bring their dog to their engagement session, my answer is always YES. Having your furry friend by your side not only adds an extra element of fun, but also helps capture who you are as a couple. With that being said, including your dog may require some extra preparation and patience. I’ve put together a list of tips to help make your shoot a success! 

1. Bring a Helper
Your engagement session will be exciting for both you and your pup! Having a helper not only keeps your dog relaxed, but also lets you stay present throughout the session. While I’ll take plenty of adorable photos with your dog, chances are, you will want a few of just you two. Bringing a friend or family member to pet and play with your dog while you're away allows you to fully focus on one another. Plus, your pup will have tons of fun in the process! 

Your comfort is key to a successful shoot. If having additional guests will make you feel nervous in front of the camera, ask someone to drop your dog off for the last 15-20 minutes of the session. That way you can cherish this special moment with your fiancé while still including your dog. 

2. Pack Treats and Toys
If your dog is anything like mine, food is the ultimate motivator. A treat can help take them from camera shy to statuesque. Packing your dog’s favorite treats and squeaky toys is a great way to get their attention throughout the session. It also serves as a reward for a job well done. Every dog has different preferences, so bring whatever your pup responds to best!  

3. Take a Walk Before
There is no better way to get your dog camera-ready than to tire them out! If you have an energetic pet, taking them on a long walk will help them stay calm and focused during the session. Arriving at your location early and letting them adjust to the new surroundings can also minimize distractions. The most photogenic dogs are tired ones, so play away! 

4. Primp Your Pup
Don’t forget to include your dog in your pre-session primp and prep! If your dog requires regular grooming, schedule an appointment before your session so they look their best when they step in front of the camera. 

Coordinating outfits with your fiancé? Add your pup into the mix with a matching collar and leash. This special touch will shine through in your photos! 

5. Go with the Flow
The best thing about your dog? They have their own unique personality! This means that every moment may not be perfectly posed- and that’s okay! Embrace the outtakes because precious candids will be captured along the way. Have patience, but, more importantly, have fun. This is an exciting part of your journey to wedding day and who better to spend it with than your furbaby and fiancé!




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